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“ Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”


Expo Milan 2015 is going under the theme “ Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” which will open up May 1st until October. The theme explores issues of agriculture, sustainable development, and the hardships to fight hunger. In response to these issues, the Expo will display energy conservation, environmental protection and natural resources solutions.

This year’s Expo is special because it will be the first Expo ever that incorporates food-cluster theme. That means countries with a few resources are participating in food-clusters to address issues of their own without being grouped with other countries based on their geographic location.

On the other hand, many countries and organizations have built their own pavilions and exhibitions that address different exploration based on the Expo’s theme. The designs of these pavilions are super amazing and it would be definitely a must to look at or if you have the chance to visit them in person.

Here are some of the represented pavilions:


Italy’s Pavilion


China’s Pavilion


Vietnam’s Pavilion


Kuwait’s Pavilion