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The Mythical Golden Ratio

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One of the principles that everyone knows in the world of art is the golden ratio. If you’re trying to make anything look nice whether it’s a photograph, logo, website, painting, or anything of that nature a go to is always the golden ratio. We’ve always been told that it’s what defines beauty. Anything that fits within the perimeters is said to be more appealing and aesthetically pleasing to the eye than things that stay away from the Golden Ratio.

The most famous artwork and artists throughout history are said to have used this principle within their work like DaVinci, Michelangelo, and even the iconic Apple logo incorporates it. But it’s not real, it’s a 150 year old hoax according to Delvin. Almost everyone’s response to such a bold statement is that there’s math supporting The Golden Ratio, so how could it be fake? That’s however not the case.

The fact is that The Golden Ratio is always going to be a little off. The split of two objects is thought to be simply 1.6180 which makes them fall within the ratio, but in reality it comes out to an irrational number — 1.6180339… and so on forever. This means that nothing in the real world can fall within The Golden Ratio. So there is actually no science to back up the principle.

For a better and more thorough explanation of why this is then read the entire article here.