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The Story of Sushi


This looks like just a normal photograph of a boat and fishers right?

Well it’s not.

This is a diorama created by Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber. They have been creating dioramas and miniatures for over fourteen years.

This particular project of theirs is called The Story of Sushi.

In order to create the perfect photo, they set up a whole set to make it look as realistic as possible.

Here is Gerber on set working on the ship.


This would be a fish market. Looks very realistic to me.


You can see from this image how it took them time to create this certain scene. The lighting and foggy cloud effect all look so realistic.


This is how they capture the image from a bird’s perspective.


I have always been interested in photography, however; I was never familiar with this method until recently. This is a more affordable way to create the scenes you have always wanted to create. Not everyone can afford models, makeup artists, and stylists for photo shoots. Sometimes you need to get creative to make your dreams come true in an affordable way.

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