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9 Squares Collaboration


Mental roadblocks, we all get them, it seems to be virtually impossible to avoid them. There are, however, some ways to work through them. On of which — for designers at least — is to doodle.

Just being able to let your mind wonder iteratively helps idea flow without really trying. The neat blog “9 Squares” is essentially that.

It’s the collaboration of 9 different designers or animators where they each make a 3 second GIF-loop using a particular color palette. This is done a couple times a month and the results are entertain to say the least.

Through their “just for fun” projects they’ve created a way to let their creativity flow. The practice makes it easier to get the actual work done and through the consistent “fun” practice it becomes less of a hassle to get the real work done. Plus it’s neat to see the little doodles of different artists around the world.