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Shred of Decency

When many of us see homophobic propaganda like leaflets we merely think, that’s a shame people saying such terrible things like that and then toss is in the garbage. the end. But an Irish company has thought of an absolutely brilliant way of using them in a completely new way — turn it into confetti for gay marriages!

“hand the lies over to one of our lovely shop staff and we’ll create more beautiful confetti to help people celebrate marriage equality.”

They have also expanded it to not only the printed anti-LGBT leaflets within the county but also thought social media via Twitter. If you see a negative or dishonest tweet, you can reply with #shredthistweet and they will print it and add it to the confetti. This is an incredibly creative way to take such a hateful act and turn it into something beautiful and goes to show you that anything can transformed with a little creative thinking.