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Pantone 18-1438

Pantone 18-1438, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It’s been all the rage lately.

Wait… you don’t know a thing about Pantone 18-1438?

Pantone 18-1438, more commonly know by the name “Marsala”, is 2015’s pantone color of the year.

It all seems pretty gimmicky to decide upon the most popular color for the year, however, the Pantone Color Institute claims to carefully select the color every year (which they have done since 2000). They do so by looking at a variety of color influences around the world, ranging from fine art to entertainment and movie posters. They also take into consideration current events and new technology.

You may still be thinking, “so what?”

The color of the year has actually influenced logo decisions, packaging, and fashion throughout the 15 years it has existed and may be something on the minds of your future clients.

Consider adding Marsala to your designs while 2015 is still here. Below are some color pairings suggested for use with Marsala. Also check out The Pantone Color Institute’s press release for tips on how to use Marsala most effectively:

marsala1 marsala2