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Change of Biblical Porportions

Book designer, Adam Greene completely redesigned the classic Bible to be an easier read. So he’s basically taking the Bible and breaking it up in sections, as separate books, to create reading experiences as if you were reading a fluid story. Honestly, if this makes more people want to read it, that’s great because

Jesus continues to change my life through the Bible. Sounds ridiculous? Well…

In the span of ten years, I used to be trapped and severely addicted to video games, anime, manga, hentai, and tsundere characters. (and many things considered highly taboo which would be not appropriate to write about). With all these addictions I would torture myself or try to feed my desire for something more in life but it was never enough. However, my life completely changed because Jesus miraculously broke my addictive chains one by one.

By God’s mercy and love, I am now free from all my past addictions and have no urges to go to them again.

Today, God works through me to help and support people who are severely addicted to entertainment. God is so GOOD! I appreciate Adam Greene’s design and effort to create aesthetically appealing Bibles that can be more approachableĀ to anyone who has difficulty reading the Bible traditionally. Greene’s design is very modern and sleek. The covers look as if you are about to read a mysterious or epic novel. I hope this may interest anyone to read such a life-changing book.

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