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Starbucks Logo Revolution


Who doesn’t know about Starbucks all over the world? You can always run into a Starbucks on the street corner, we are so familiar with the Starbucks logo but how many people know the history about its logo? I thought Starbucks logo was really attractive when I first saw it, it was so elegant and beautiful on the white cup.¬†One of my classmates presented about the logo revolution in the other class, so I was wondering that how Starbucks logo changed into this beautiful pattern now and did some research on it.


This is what I found on the Internet, it hasn’t changed too much with the first original one but it does become more and more elegant and simple on its own way. We can see the first logo looks more like a printed collage, we can see a Sirens clearly. But along with the time changed, it became more connotative and elegant, it is hard to tell it is a Sirens if people doesn’t know about the history of Starbucks.

For me, I personally prefer the 1992-2011 version, green and black match each other perfectly and the Sirens pattern are really beautiful and attractive, just as its coffee itself. The latest one removed the brand name entirely and simplified the whole logo a lot, in a similar with Nike and Apple.

We can see the revolution of fashion through the logo change.