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Izziyana Suhaimi’s breath-taking Stitches



A work in progress

the final resultIzziyana Suhaimi is an amazing artist from Singapore who specializes in illustrations embellished with embroidery. At the age of 29 she has an established career as a professional artist, selling works, taking commissions, showing her works in galleries, and working on collaborative projects with other professionals. So far her works have been displayed in Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan, and she is currently building a personal site on which she plans to accept and manage more commissions than she has in the past.

Using combinations of dry and wet media she creates the amazing illustrations upon which she bases her extremely intricate and labor intensive embroideries. She feels that the juxtaposition of the modern subjects and styles in her drawings with the traditional techniques and styles she employs in her thread work helps her connect with her heritage and push back at the homogenization of culture.

Her use of line, texture and color is beautiful, but most importantly eye catching. As a designer I find the draw her work has incredible, and can only hope that I can do that with my art some day

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  1. fsarris wrote:

    I really love the way Izziyana combines vibrant colors with the gray tones. It makes the colors appear even more vibrant. After reading your post I had to zoom in and get a closer look at her stitching. I think her combination of different mediums and incorporating her embroideries is such a creative idea. I also really like how she chose to incorporate it…for example in the picture you provided, I think the fact that she made the embroidered part of the composition on the figures shirt is very successful. I love to sew (when I have time) and I would love to try this in some of my own artwork sometime!

    Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 2:18 pm | Permalink