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Match Made In Pantone Heaven?

Pantone Smoothies

I know. It kind of sounds impossible yet more than likely disgusting at the same time but it’s not what you think.

Pantone Smoothies is a color experiment created by Hedvig A Kushner, an Art Director at Mother New York and photographed by Michael Kushner (also an art director). Over the summer Hedvig noticed that creating smoothies “was kind of like mixing paint”. From there she asked the question “is it possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone color?”

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All the photos belong to Hedvig A. Kushner and Michael Kushner

Anyone one of you can take a crack at creating these smoothies as Kushner puts up the recipes on the official website for this project. Unfortunately I do not have a blender in order try these recipes out however these smoothies seem to be generally healthy and mostly vegan so why not try it out. You can also provide suggestions on the website as well.

Check out all the recipes here.

Now die-hard designers can rejoice as they can now taste Pantone matched smoothies while they work late into the night working on projects thanks to Hedvig.


Check out Hedvig’s portfolio site and Michael Kushner’s portfolio site as well.

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