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Adobe Lightroom.

Ever see pictures of a vacation spot and it looks to good to be true? Like this one for example. What I wouldn’t give to be writing my blog from from that jetty instead of my dorm.


















This photo is to good to be true meaning it’s edited with Adobe Lightroom. I’m sure that doesn’t come to a surprise when you can see the Adobe Lightroom editor on the boarders of the picture BUT! Here is the original.

Not to say that I wouldn’t want to be there any less  it just takes on a different mood. If you have ever wanted to make your own pictures look to good too be true there is an easy way to acquire Adobe Lightroom with Adobe’s new subscription system. It’s really easy to get the hang of in a couple of minutes i was able to edit a couple of my photos of my vacation this summer. On the left it is a sunny day and on the right It’s a gloomy rainy day.