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Donald Trump

With the upcoming presidential election underway, the potential candidates are making headlines especially the oh so popular, Donald Trump. I’m not here to voice my political views or bash/give praise to the man and his hair style, I let the internet do that for me. What other way than through memes. For those unfamiliar, memes are pictures and illustrations used, usually with text, to elaborate on a hilarious idea or situation. They’re usually low resolution, JPEG images created on an app or computer just to posted online for giggles. I spend many nights lying away on the meme capital of apps, iFunny, where people love posting on Donald Trump and his campaign.

giphy screen-shot-2015-09-16-at-11-35-39-am1

People love to make an ass out of the man no matter what, probably because he sets himself up for it, but nobody can help but get a little bit of a chuckle from making fun of such a huge figure in the media right now. I mean, the man’s hair is a conversation within itself, let alone the rest of him as a personality.


I mean, he seems pretty confident in himself…