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The wonderful (older) world of Disney

One of the small things in life I have become obsessed with is cartoons, especially Disney characters, drawn in a different light as opposed to how they really are. What do I mean by that? Well sense you asked, seeing characters drawn out as to how they would look as humans, how they would look older or younger, and how they look as different races. Andrew Tarusov has created a series of drawings of the original characters aged as to how they would look today.


The lovely bunny couple seems to look like those grandparents that are highly disappointed you never call unless you need money.

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Both Donald Duck and Goofy remind me of old time war vets. Donald would be the one that tells his stories over a bottle of whiskey, which he drinks straight from the bottle. Goofy on the other hand just had a bad time getting back on his feet after the war, but in Goofy spirit, remains positive in life.


The Mouse couple seem like the elder wealthy couple, and Minnie appears to have had some work done in her younger years. But seriously, those weren’t there in the original cartoons…

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  1. wazhar wrote:

    It’s interesting to see Disney characters in a different way, it caught my attention because of the way that the artist did. The drawing really makes you want to stare in the drawing and to me I think that the artist has something or an idea in his mind when he started to drawing these characters.

    Friday, October 2, 2015 at 3:18 pm | Permalink