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Not Your Usual GEICO Gecko Ad

GEICO Auto Insurance is known for many different humorous ad campaigns that they use to advertise their insurance. They have used cavemen, lizards and even a little stack of money with eyes to sell the value of insurance. However, when it comes to GEICO Powersports Insurance, they have taken a completely different approach. Motorcycle insurance is fairly basic, but it can be advertised differently dependent on the audience or location of the ad.

Ads from Cycleworld magazine are meant to appeal to an older and more financially established audience. There were two ads in this particular magazine that caught my attention. The first Ad shows a couple on a motorcycle winding around an open road with the heading, “Enjoy great roads with a great rate.” The second ad shows a brand new red sports bike in front of a large warehouse with the heading, “What’s cooler than your bike? Getting a quick, cool rate quote from GEICO.” The 1st ad looks very plain and simple.  The main concentration on the page is the vast amount of road.  In the distance you can see two people on a cruiser. This ad is directed more towards a reader who might be more attracted to big cruisers to ride on road trips. The main header is centered on the top of the page and on the bottom is the line “ You, your bike and a back road. What could be better? Great insurance.” The message is clear which I think is effective, but other than that it really lacks creativity.  The first and second ads are similar in their simplicity.  What I like more about the second ad is that there is a full size picture of a shiny red motorcycle taking up two-thirds of the page. It is out front of a warehouse, which looks like it could house over 100 bikes. The slogan is short, to the point and doesn’t need any elaboration like in the first ad. Both ads have “GEICO Powersports 1-800-442-9253” in the bottom right corner, which has its obvious benefits.

These two ads I think are effective in reaching their target audience. However it is a third ad from a different magazine that really caught my eye.

The third ad is from Motorcyclist magazine and is directed towards the younger, freer spirited sports bike rider. The ad is a close up image of a metallic yellow bike, which fades into a black background cast by the shadows of the bike. The words “We FEEL your PASSION” are written in an indescribable font type that looks like someone has written on a black wall in a neon light pen. The ad gives a since of movement which I think is its intention. There is a solid yellow block at the bottom of the page with the words “Insurance for all things that move you. GEICO Powersports”.  This ad is more dramatic and dark, which I think are things that would catch the eye of most riders. It reaches out to the young reader’s emotions, which is what really makes people pay attention.

One thing all three ads have in common is that on the back of every ad is a detailed description of specific benefits that GEICO offers. So after the ad effectively draws you in, you turn the page and it answers all your questions for you. These ads come from different magazines and have different audiences but they are similar when it comes to their simple design content. I think that each ad delivers a clear message effectively. That message is GEICO Powersports Insurance is great insurance, no matter your age or financial background.

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