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Your daily planner just got a lot cooler!

When you think of a daily planner, what do you think of? The free ones they gave you all throughout school? That’s what I used to think of. That was until I learned about the most recent trend of fashionable designer planners. Some of the most popular brands of fashion planners being Kate Spade, Kikki K, and Forever New. There are lovely leather bound planners, cloth printed planners, plain colored planners; so many different kinds!

You may still be thinking to yourself, what’s so great about a planner? Who cares if it’s designer? Well, at least for me, the whole appeal of owning one of these planners is the customization and decoration you can do all yourself! I’m sure all you designers can relate to wanting to decorate your belongings.

As a college student, however,  I didn’t have the budget for a designer planner. Because my interest was in the decorative aspect  and not the idea of owned a designer planner  I decided to buy something a little cheaper. Here is a picture of my planner below!


Everything I got for my planner was only around $20.00 (that’s compared to almost $100 designer planners). If you’re interested in making your own planner, check out some of the designer planner Pinterest boards (i.e. Kikki k planner pages) and then head over to Target (who has a surprising amount of cheap stationary) and make your own customer planner! 

Some key 1st planner necessities include:

  • The planner! (I got mine at Target for around $5.00)
  • Dividers for different sections (Calendar, Budget, School work, really anything you want)
  • Calendar pages
  • Some fun post-it notes you can use to decorate your planner
  • Stickers
  • Washi-tape (this is especially fun for easy decorating)
  • A hole punch so you can add in your own pages

Let me know if you have any questions about planner decoration! Happy designing!