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Well not “a washi” but “washi tape”. What is washi tape why it’s so cool and why you should care a designer.

I recently just learned what washi tape is. Washi tape is originally from Japan. It combines “washi”, beautiful and traditional Japanese paper, with tape! The combination alone doesn’t sound too exciting, but what you can do with it is! Washi tape has a different amount of stickiness than most tape you are used to. It is easy to peel off and move around, but still maintains it’s stickiness. Traditional washi tape has Japanese patterns such as flower or simple patterns, but washi tape is becoming more elaborate. You can buy washi tape with cats (something I own), sparkly washi tape, striped washi tape, really almost any kind that you desire. While some of them veer away from the traditional vision (like holographic washi tape), they still retain the decorative, crafty nature.

Some uses for washi tape include:

  • Hanging up photographs on your wall
  • Decorating scrapbooks or letters
  • Creating paper crafts

These are only a few ways that I, personally, have used washi tape. Check out this BuzzFeed article that lists 56 different ways to decorate with washi tape if you wanna get crazy with washi!

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