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Is the Patriot Sexy?


I’m just going to start by saying, no, I don’t think the Patriot is sexy. In fact, I’m not really a big fan of him…at all. Sure, he has the whole historical motif going on, he has the green and gold, he looks angry, which I guess is a quality you want in a mascot? And sure, maybe I’m not the biggest sports fan, but this is coming from a designer, not a sports fan. My beef with the patriot: he’s creepy, he’s hard to draw, and I don’t want to own any merchandise with him on it.

He’s creepy. 

About 99% of school mascots are some form of animal or made up creature (not an actual statistic just an observation). Out of the many, many mascots that follow this pattern, Mason chose to have a this strange green and gold, angry man to be their mascot. If it was more of a norm to have a human-like mascot, I think he wouldn’t be as creepy…but he is.

He’s hard to draw. 

Give me a dog, give me a turkey, give me basically any other mascot and I can whip up a marginally good drawing for you. Tell me to draw the patriot and well…


What is up with all these lines on his face? And his giant chin? Did I mention he’s creepy? From someone wanting to represent their school pride through artwork or even just a poster for their club, the patriot doesn’t offer much room for interpretation. You can’t really draw him in different styles with out him just looking like the green giant painted half yellow or a completely unrecognizable guy. He doesn’t make it easy to celebrate your school! Bringing me to my next point.

I DON’T want to own ANY merchandise with him on it.

And I currently don’t own anything with the Patriot on it. Do you? In fact, I’ve barely SEEN anything with the Patriot on it. There’s a big hint! Your mascot, who is supposed to represent your school and be the face of your school isn’t on anything! Maybe there is a reason for that…hmmm….

Am I crazy guys? Do you love the patriot? Do you think he’s a great mascot? Is your wardrobe a blur patriot themed clothing?Most importantly, Do YOU think the patriot is sexy?

Answer in the comments below!




P.S. The image above with the speech bubble is probably my greatest design work ever. Bye guys, I’m going to go be a famous designer.