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I already ranted about the Patriot, and maybe this is too soon, but I hate minions. That, however, isn’t what I will be discussing today. No, my anger is much more of a pin-pointed, target-locked-on, heat seeking missile kind of hatred.

Minion Facebook Posts.

Simultaneous group screaming ensues. Just…what, why, how, who, so many questions and profanities instantly fill my mind. If you’re a Facebook user, I’m sure you’ve seen these. Your mom, your aunt, you friend’s mom, has shared one of these minion/ quote cross overs.

But, how do you know if you’re looking at a minion/quote Facebook post? Let me give you a check list…

  • Minions
  • A quote completely unrelated to minions
  • Terrible typography

As a designer, I hope you see my problem with these posts. There are so many of them and they are all terrible. They continue to spawn abominations of design and I’m fed up with it!

In case you love minion quotes, here is a peace offering:

Have you seen minion posts on Facebook?