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Mixed Media Art

As Graphic Designers in school, all of our assignments tend to be more purposeful for our portfolios. We make website redesigns or a company logo with a branding suite, but why don’t we see more mixed media pieces hanging up in the hallways at school? It’s unfortunate when designers become so busy that they can’t have any non-school related projects and have fun with their talents. I know it’s debatable whether or not Graphic Designers are artists or not, but can you honestly say that after looking at these pieces below, you wouldn’t call this art? I think we need to have a little fun! The possibilities with graphic design are limitless, and I think the business side of Graphic Design forces us to forget about the beautiful and fun side.

IMG_0128Chan fairspot-geraldine-georges


I think that we need to remember mixed media exists and maybe it will help inspire us for our future work. Pieces like the above are stunning and we should try to learn more about our craft and be more versatile if we wish!