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“Back in 2015”

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of buzz about Back to the Future and the date October 25, 2015.

If you aren’t aware of the movie, basically the main character travels to the future on October 25, 2015, giving us a glimpse of what we could have expected the world to look like. Thus far many of the gadgets and gizmos have been developed. And during the build up to the actual date, many people within the art community have been producing a lot of Back to the Future inspired artwork.

A french artist by the name of Nicolas Amiard has also created some interesting photos inspired by the movie as well. He took real subjects of today and gave them the theme of Back to the Future.


After I saw these images it made me wonder how would the art and design world be different if we had crazy technology like flying cars. For example, I imagine going to an art gallery with floating paintings and stuff.

Can anyone else think of some crazy innovative art pieces that haven’t been created yet due to technological restraints?

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