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Velum Paper

Vellum paper originally is made from calf skin (parchment), but these days it is made from plasticized cotton. Vellum is very popular for its delicate look. These papers come in different colors, patterns, texture, and different weight (light and Bristol).

It is mostly known for its transparency, light weight, and thinness. It has a very elegant look, therefore it is used for tracing technical drawings, crafting, envelopes, wedding invitations, and other special ceremonies invitation cards. Bristol vellum is usually used for printing and ink drawing. The surface is slightly rough.

When buying Vellum, pay attention to the type. If you are attempting to purchase Vellum for printing, make sure it is specified for inkjet or laser prints.

Bellow are some examples of Vellum.

e882bb7a237f95e365a35fb96adfe5a5 gatefold-invitation-vellum-overlay glama-translucent hello-tenfold-vellum-wedding-invitations vellum-reply-envelope