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Buffalo Bills New Unis?

The Buffalo Bills teased about the possibility of a new, alternate jersey to be worn in their Thursday Night matchup against the New York Jets.

Snapshot of the back shoulder pad area of the jersey

Since the teams conception in the 1960s, the Bills have only worn two color jerseys; royal blue away jerseys, and white home jerseys. They have redesigned their uniforms many times since then. One in the 1980s which introduced a new red helmet, in 2002 where the team switched to a navy blue color, and most recently in 2010 where they went back to the classic royal blue.

With a new owner and head coach, the Bills are looking to shake things up with these new red jerseys, a color the team has never donned in their 50+ year history. They will certainly boost jersey sales for the team, and hopefully bring them some luck as their new coach, Rex Ryan, prepares to match up against his old team in New York!

Additional shot of the sleeve area on the front side of the Jersey