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Online Design

It seems that lately getting a well-paid graphic design gig via online job posting services is next to impossible. There are hundreds of sites on the web that list jobs, short term and long, for anyone looking for a designer. For freelancers and beginner designers, these posting sites seem to be the way to go. You can work from home and theoretically never have to meet face to face with the client. Just bid, design and get paid. However, the majority of the jobs posted on the web are quickly becoming less worth any designer’s time. Thousands of offers from an open and flooded market have seriously driven compensation down. With bids for a complete website, logo and business card package going as low as $200 and promised within two days, how can any serious designer compete and pay their bills?

While finding your niche and perfecting your portfolio will help a designer’s career, those don’t seem to hold much weight in the online job posting world. So what is the answer? I am not sure, but focusing on local jobs can provide an advantage. Meeting clients in person has, in some markets become a thing of the past. But there is no substitute for a one-on-one interview when trying to get a job, even a short-term design gig. Lost among the jungle of job posting sites are a few sources that attempt to match employers with local designers. Craig’s List, is a good and sometimes reliable source for finding local opportunity. Local chapters of AIGA or other arts organizations can also help. If all else fails, check the local paper and even hit the streets. Yes, step away from the monitor and actually go talk to people. With so many potential clients hiring based on impersonal internet conversations, some will certainly find it refreshing to meet a designer in person.