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Foiling Techniques

The DIY transferring foil printing is a fun crafting techniques that can be done at home with a few materials. As graphic designer student, most of us probably have these simple equipment to use this technique for some of our projects. If you have a regulars inkjet print, steam iron (or laminating machine), and some papers you can create beautiful projects and designs.

You can use it for business cards, calendar, greeting cards, and so many other projects. You can print your text or design on the desired paper. Then put the transferring foil over the area the ink is printed. Put an extra paper over the foil to protect the design. Hold the iron over the paper for at about 30 seconds, it may depend on the type of your iron, so you might want to test it out before doing your final design.

The video below give good directions and idea of how to do it.

Other than buying the supply  Plaza Art, Micheals, Deco foil, you can order bulks with lower price from eBay,, and amazon.