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Nail Art

As a basic white girl, one of the things I enjoy the most is doing my nails or getting my nails done. There is a whole world of art where people take the time to design cool patters and paint pictures on fingernails. This style has been growing so much that people have started applying small trinkets like plastic bows or diamonds glued on to their nails. Usually all nails salons have at least one or more people designated to paint and apply nail art, but people have been making videos on youtube and pinterest on how to have DIY nail art.


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Personally I’m obsessed with nail art. I think its so fun to walk around with little pieces of art on your fingernails all the time and watch people create such cool designs and patters on such a tiny area of space.


  1. lmazzate wrote:

    I have to agree to the obsession. I love watching these nail art videos as well. I have to say I like it better when someone else does my nails because I love watching the process behind it. Interesting!

    Monday, November 23, 2015 at 6:49 am | Permalink
  2. fsarris wrote:

    I’m also guilty of the nail art obsession. The designs you see online now, compared to the designs I would see growing up, are amazing. I’ve seen some insanely detailed nail art and it blows me away every time. I love the beach ones that you posted, and the pink and black ones below it. Now you’ve made me want to go get my nails done with some cool designs.

    Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 7:17 am | Permalink