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For those of us who love print publications and web design as well, we have a new mentor that could help us transition to the digital world. Hearst Digital’s creative director has recently released a free webinar which can be seen on Monotype, Agile Publishing. The webinar focuses on the importance of a digital team and producing more of a demanding publishing cycle. One of the key spokesperson’s is none other than the creative director, Theresa Mershon. She lets the viewers in on how her team developed and progressed to publishing a title every 3 days rather than launching one magazine every 3 months. She mentions that rethinking and replacing “key visual challenges, and highlighting the tools and systems that were no longer working for them” gave them the successful outcome they have came to.

With everything adapting to the digital world, Mershon gives viewers a peace of mind on how to stay on top with the publishing platform!