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Learn About 100 Artists in Minutes

Shea Hembrey was longing for more work that was appealing to a wider body of people, which started his idea of staging an international art show with work from 100 different artists. They all had to follow these sort of criteria, 1. He had to be able to explain the work of art in five minutes, 2. Head, hard and hand. It had to have interesting intellectual ideas and concepts, have passion hearth and soul, and be greatly crafted by hand. He invented all the artists and artwork himself with this criteria. Not going to lie, this was a bit overwhelming. How can he accomplish so many different forms of art and basically live out so many different lives? He truly was able to be 100 artists in just two years. There are artists who go through their whole lives trying to determine their style and what they want to bring to the world, and yet Hembrey didn’t. You start to question whether or not this is a joke on the art world, or if it’s even considered art at all. Check it out, here: