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Reason #83 to love Photoshop

As designers, we have a million reasons love Photoshop, its one of the reasons we have jobs! Photoshop can help create some of the dopest pictures for advertisements or be used for silly images to make people laugh. Well I strongly feel that presidential man buns are the best thing to come from Photoshop…ever. For starters, who doesn’t love an awesome man bun? While not everyone can pull it off, guys that can rock a man bun are a-okay in my book. And adding a man bun to a president? Politics just got sexier.

politicians-with-man-bun-hair-styles-designboom-03 politicians-with-man-bun-hair-styles-designboom-01 politicians-with-man-bun-hair-styles-designboom-04 politicians-with-man-bun-hair-styles-designboom-08


BABEraham Lincoln, and I think we all knew that Obama could always rock the man bun. So thank you Photoshop for blessing us with hot presidents. Besides George Bush, he kinda sucks.