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Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a 26-year-old London based designer and illustrator known for her colorful illustrations and her playful letterforms. She’s designed for WIRED magazine, Atlantic Records, Google, Converse shoes, and much more. Kate is also a published author with her book Make Your Own Luck in which she write about how to make it as a graphic designer. Moross has also moved into directing and creating music videos for artists such as Washed Out, Lion Babe, Disclosure, and Jessie Ware. I’m sure you all recognize her work because she is also done a lot of advertising campaigns for huge companies like Sony, Ford, Nike, American Express, and the list goes on. Moross is easily one of my all time favorite designers. My favorite part about her work is the vibrant colors she uses and her custom, hand drawn letterforms. To me she’s an inspiration and I plan on reading her book one of these days.


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