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Amazon Delivery Drone

Amazons new delivery drone is a combine of a traditional aircraft with a rotocraft, helicopter type of design. Yet, it lives somewhere in between the two, making for a boxy, awkward looking drone for their new door to door delivery concept.

The rotocraft can take of and land vertically, which is why it utilizes that design element essential for safe landing of packages. The traditional aircraft design allows for faster travel, allowing packages around 15 miles away to be delivered within 30 minutes.

The drone includes eight propellors, four coaxial rotors, in a “quadcopter” layout. This is a design that requires more power to propel, but gives the Amazon drone a much higher ceiling for power and speed in delivery. All in all, despite the awkward, clunky looking design, the Amazon Drone is built to do the job, and revolutionize the way we all shop!