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How to Retrieve Dried-out Prismacolor Markers

ANOTHER dried out marker? Come on… Why do markers have to dry out so fast?

Art materials can be quite pricey and being a college student, money can be tight for a lot of us. However, you don’t have to worry because I have found an easy solution to revive your old Prismacolor markers!

Did you know that Prismacolor markers are alcohol-based?

When the marker dries out, it may not be that the color itself that has dried out, but that the alcohol has evaporated over time. You can solve dried-out marker dilemma with…. *Drum Roll*

Container of denatured alcohol and a syringe!


First, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area.

Second, fill the cap with a small amount of alcohol.

Third, take the syringe and fill it with about 15-20 CCs from the contents of the cap. 


Fourth, insert the syringe into the chisel end of the Prismacolor marker and repeat this on the detail end of the marker as well. The small end won’t take as much fluid as the large end, so be cautious of how much fluid you’re putting in! Also, on darker-colored markers, you may notice that at the injection site, the marker nib will turn white. This is completely normal and will refill with color in a second.

Fifth, replace the cap on both ends of the marker and shake it thoroughly.


Sixth, let the marker sit for a few minutes.

Lastly, test the marker on a piece of paper.

Voila! Now your Prismacolor marker is as good as new! 🙂


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