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Modern with Vintage

Established in 1886, Coca-Cola has become a recognized brand name internationally with numerous advertisements around the world. Coca-Cola currently owns four out of the world’s top five non-alcoholic sparkling beverages. Promoting their product with the slogan, “live on the coke side of life”, they incorporate this slogan not only digitally with television commercials, but graphically with magazine and poster designs as well.
One example of a poster design can be found on the internet by using Google to search Coca-Cola. The poster uses full color with images of women dressed in vintage beach attire, each holding in their hand a classic Coca-Cola bottle. The women’s hairstyle is in a classic era fashion, and the image of the women’s legs in the design almost presents a source of direction to the main focus of the advertisement, which is the Coca-Cola bottle. The Coca-Cola bottle is a design of the 1930s era, which nowadays can rarely be found within local supermarkets or fast food stops. It has been replaced with the metal cans. By using the image of the classic Coca-Cola bottle, the design appeals to the viewer the long-term relationship of the soft drink company within the market and consumers. If one looks back to the designs of Coca-Cola advertisements and poster to the earlier years of the 1990s, most of the posters present an image of the Coca-Cola bottle as the main focus of the design, and only that image is presented clear to the viewer. There are no modern elements of rays or use of a lot of colors. The designs mostly are presented on a white background, very simple and direct with no action or direction, just flat images. Therefore, this particular design is unique because the images together create a view of action and use of a lot of colors.
The background is of a modern design with warping rays created with today’s modern computer design software. There is use of symmetry and an even blend with the colors and images. The refreshing cool colors, warm tones, and classic illustrations within the design reveals a good blend of modern design and classic elements. The design as all together, presents an active design without any distracting elements that take away attention from the main focus of the design. The use of warm colors presents a good contrast with the images of the women, and the use of typography is clear and readable. Text and font are a readable size and the type phase used for the slogan is appropriate and matches with the images. The text is a focus element within the design, yet it does not take attention away from the graphics and design in the background.
As a whole, the images, colors, and text within this design blends well together. The poster design appeals to the viewer the quality of the product, and the image the company wants to present to its’ consumers. The advertisement presents the main point without any unnecessary distractions, overall creating a good blend between modern technology and vintage elements.

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