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Problem with Perfection


Perfection. Why is it that we as artists strive for perfection, when it is impossible to reach?

We as artist are programmed to push the envelope, to find creative solutions, to always find ways to better ourselves and our craft. Basically we strive for perfection in everything we create. We as artists know that our work speaks for us. It represents us in a gallery. It is the face that universities, jobs and even potential clients see before they accept us. It is a part of who we are, so why not have our artwork be perfect. Here’s the thing, it’s not always good to aspire to be perfect but it is good to let your creative standards be high. Aspiring to be perfect, holds us back from moving on to new projects. It puts us in a state of paralysis. Think about it, we get up, go to class, get our work critiqued, go home revise it late into the night then repeat. We are in a constant cycle of revising. We rack our brains left and right to try to make everything we touch, attach our name to a representation of us and our high standards. But when the deadline arrives and we turn in our work, we sometimes think that it isn’t perfect enough. It meets the professor’s criteria. Our presentation and craft is spot on. Yet in our eyes, it’s still not good enough. That’s okay. Yes I said it. It’s OKAY. We as artists even people are not designed to be perfect. We can’t obtain perfection because there is always somewhere for us to learn improve and grow as an artist. What may not be perfect to us, is perfect to someone else. What we wish to improve on, is what drives us to keep designing, creating, learning. Instead of striving for perfection, how about we strive to be better. Strive to continue learning. Strive to continue our craft. Strive to inspire others. Look at it like this, people enjoy watching others grow, mature, better themselves. By us as artist working on just bettering ourselves and our craft, we allow others to admire us as a person and our artistic journey. And someday when we are successful in our various art fields, people will be amazed by the ups and downs we’ve faced to get to where we are and think, “they are a perfect example of what an artist should be”.

What do you guys think? Is striving to be better actually better than striving to be perfect?


  1. spike2 wrote:

    I agree that it is such a struggle to try not to make a perfect find product. Even to not worry about perfection during the process because I feel like when we do, we limit the creative process!Finding that middle ground is definitely important but difficult.

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016 at 7:31 am | Permalink
  2. tsenedar wrote:

    I think that striving to be better is better than striving to be perfect. Design is improving/changing and so should you as a designer.

    One of my best friends told me, “Know your worth. Like know you are better than a lot of people around you and be confident in that, but also know that you can be better. Don’t think you are the best, so that you can still grow.”

    His words really stuck to me, and I constantly work to be better with an open mind to improvement.

    Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 1:21 pm | Permalink