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Periodic Table of Typeface

I stumbled across this on the internet at work and thought it is rather an interesting idea. Instead of elements the designer Cam arranged the top 100 fonts in order of how many lists a particular typeface was on and its ranking on those lists. Also listed is the family and class as well as who designed each typeface and when. He ordered them by their family/class which in turn created some discrepancies among their numerical value but any other way would have not resembled the periodic table. It is very interesting to see all the familiar fonts and seeing how long they have been around. He even has the inner transition elements represented by the script fonts. I would have thought that Garamond would have placed better than sixth, but first of three serif fonts in the top ten is not bad. Maybe adding color would have been a way to separate the families and classes.

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  1. Anna DSilva wrote:

    I think this is a great tool! I havn’t gotten the chance to learn anything about typography yet so a simple thing like this looks like it could be helpful to students. Typography looks pretty indimidating to learn, there is so many different types of fonts and then styles and families, not sure how you can keep it all straight, but this could help.

    Thursday, March 19, 2009 at 5:30 am | Permalink