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6 Layer Cake or 6 Room Cake?

At one point in time I thought I could be a cake designer. I made several birthday cakes from scratch and watched the Cake Boss on TLC. I figured making cake art was just like sculpting. This idea didn’t last long, since I never made it passed a standard two-layer cake. Now I just admire cake art.


I found this really freaky cake installation by Scott Hove. Sadly, his cakes are artificial, however he still uses traditional cake decorator’s techniques like a pastry bag.  This installation spans six rooms! This is one of the largest installments of Hove’s “Cakeland”. Even though the cakes are decorated with cherries and pink frosting not everything is as sweet and nice as it appears…

BreakBread_03 BreakBread_06

That’s right those are fangs! I told you it was freaky. Hove likes to have unexpected elements in his cakes that add bit of darkness. He uses things like switchblades, crystals, wolf and leopard jaws. He enjoys the juxtaposition of violence and beauty. His cakes look like something that Hansel and Gretel would encounter in the witch’s cake house.

If your interested in visiting the installation it’s apart of a 30 day art, culture, and cuisine festival in LA, Break Bread LA.

Here’s a video of Steve Hove’s  Cakeland series:


  1. tsenedar wrote:

    I loved watching Cake Boss back then as well! I’ve always admire the techniques they used to create cakes. For my birthday, one of my friends made a cake for me that was shaped like Wall-e. It was one of my favorite cakes I’ve received. I’ve always thought that creating desserts would be a fun hobby to take up. I was going to dabble in it when I got older and don’t have to do as much school work. I think it would be fun to create sweets for friends and family.

    Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 11:29 am | Permalink
  2. lray6 wrote:

    Two of my absolute favorite things in life are cake and art so this artist is definitely a favorite of mine! It really makes you wonder how long it took him to get all of those icing decorations perfectly in place. I don’t know whether I want to snack on this installation or be frightened by it!

    Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 1:37 pm | Permalink