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Rainbow Makeup

If you appreciate makeup, you probably know what highlighter is. For those that don’t, highlighter is typically a very light, sometimes sparkly shade that is applied to parts of the face in order to make it capture the light. In order words, it’s pretty, makeup artists like it, it makes your face look more defined. I recently saw that there was a highlighter that was released by an Etsy user for $22. I had to look it up because it sounded COOL and I was not disappointed. Check out these pictures!

I think this product is amazing! I have absolutely no use for something like this but would for sure stare at it all day like the meme I posted above said! I read some reviews and watched a couple youtube videos and they all said it looked like a prism was being reflected onto their face which seems really awesome. Here’s a link to a girl on youtube doing a review of the product!