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Suda the Elephant


As I have said before artists come in many shapes and sizes, as you can tell from the photo above this artist happens to be an elephant.


Now if you think like me you probably thought about how this barely compares with what we have found that chimps can do. But, this is an elephant, which is even more astonishing. This beautiful little elephant can paint an elephant and write her name, the only help she needs is for someone to assist her in dipping the brush in the paint.


As people we might look at that and this that it looks like a child drew it so whatever but as artist we look at that and our heads just go crazy on the depth of a painting can have. Then when you tack on the fact that an elephant drew this it makes it even more priceless because we then start to wonder the thoughts that the elephant had as she painted. We do the same thing when we walk through gallery’s, you wonder what the artist was thinking and what made them want to produce this certain piece of art work.


When I saw the video of her painting, I was amazed the whole time. She actually put effort and took her time to make each stroke. Well done Suda, well done.


Link to video:

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  1. jalber wrote:

    Unfortunately, these elephants are vigorously trained to learn how to paint the same image over and over again. They can only really paint one image because they were guided stroke by stroke during their training process and abused or starved if they made mistakes. It’s actually really sad!

    Thursday, April 28, 2016 at 2:51 pm | Permalink