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Why did you choose to be a graphic design major?

Lately I’ve been thinking about how different my life would have been if I chose to major in something other than graphic design. Part of me has always been interested in programming, but instead of choosing to major in computer science, I decided to go for graphic design. I like working with visuals and designing things to make them pretty and appealing. Choosing the path of a graphic designer was a risky decision though. It’s very competitive, and design can be very subjective.

The other day I overheard someone talking about how they chose to get a degree in graphic design because there are more jobs in this field of art. Her heart and talent was in traditional art though. She loved painting and drawing, but she didn’t pursue that career in fear of not getting a job later on. This made me wonder about how many people juggle between if they chose the right major or not.

If I had chosen computer science, it would have been easier for me to get a job. It was something I was interested in too, and I used to think about switching. I’m about to graduate though, so it’s not likely to happen. I’ve been learning code on the side, so I hope that helps my career. I’m not sure if I made the right decision, but I also feel that if I were a computer science major right now, I’d look at the art and design building and wonder the same thing.

Why did you end up choosing graphic design as your major? Would you switch if you could? Mention it below!