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Why Pay More

With the woeful economy sites like CrowdSpring seem to be gaining popularity and graphic designers need to defend/explain why $200 won’t necessarily buy you a good logo. Linking my previous post and our class discussion about what to tell a customer who wants to know why they should pay more, is this article that highlights some ways to handle these customers.

Some of the articles points are:

Write a clear, responsive cost proposal. Leave out extras unless they bring added value.  In challenging economic times (even in prosperous times) price always matters.

Hold your price, but add services. Find ways to bring added value without incurring additional cost.

Lower your rates as little as possible.  It may need to happen, but do it selectively and not across the board.

Protect the integrity of your positioning. You want clients to focus on the quality of your work not the great deal your offering.

Build wiggle room into cost proposals. If you offer three to five roughs, and if have to lower your fee, provide three.

Negotiate favorable concessions. Early payments, services provided by client, referrals, portfolio permission are things that will bring added benefits while being able to keep cost down