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The Pure Genius of Apple Branding

For an ad to be effective, it just needs 10 seconds. Five seconds to hook a viewer’s attention, and five seconds to read the ad. If the ad fails to do that, it just becomes background noise for the viewer. On a daily basis, the average person sees over 65,000 ads a day. The ads that get the most attention are from companies who have excellent branding. With excellent branding, it doesn’t matter how bad the ad is(by visual looks). A good brand would make anyone want to buy a laptop that costs half of college student’s tuition. A company that would cause most college students to do this is Apple. Their products are slick, simple, and minimalist that almost anyone can pick up and use. They know that their products and the experience that you get from them are an extension of their brand.
I’m not an Apple fanboy. In fact, I don’t even own a single Apple product. I believe their branding is pure genius.
Instead of selling a product that the performs well, Apple is selling a product that looks good, feels premium, and is advertised as a lifestyle. They target a mass audience over a niche audience which means their name is known by all rather than a few. How are they able to do this? By making a logo that is so iconic, the use of logotype is not necessary. When you see the apple with a bite taken out of it, we automatically know that it means Apple, the technology company. When you think Apple, you think of a product that reliable and is something you can just pick up and use. Their brand screams that you will spend more because you know it will work. As a designer, creating a product and company with a solid brand and brand identity will make sure your product will be picked out of all the rest.