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Shhh! Now You May Speak

Image by Massimo VignelliGraphic Design is more than pushing pixels, drawing cute logos, or figuring out the best color combination to apply to your local pizzerias website–it’s much, much more than this.

As a graphic designer, my responsibility to my client is to mitigate the complexity of their brand and apply the fundamentals of design to execute an overall harmonious user experience. It’s a daunting role and one I do not to take lightly.

In a world of immediate access to Adobe Photoshop CC or the recent updated Instagram filters, the non­graphic designers out there believe that creating something that is on par with one of the all-time greats such as Saul Bass, Paul Rand, and most currently Stefan Sagmeister is as easy as pushing a button. It’s OK if you are unfamiliar of the aforementioned designers, below is a link to become more familiar of who and what they have accomplished in the graphic design realm.

Using convenient pseudo design tools and passing creative works as a valued product for dissemination is becoming a trend and tarnishing the credibility of classically trained graphic designers. Heartbreaking to know that this is occurring but more so the motivational fuel for me to educate my clients of their responsibility to recognize and appreciate good design.

Much like the all-time greats, one of two main skill sets a graphic designer must learn in order to be a successful problem solver is to listen and to ask, two simple things we take for granted. However, these two analog tools are the keystone to any successful campaign.

A graphic designer must learn to silence their inner creative long enough to hear and understand their client’s voice. What is it that their client is really saying and how can it be visually represented?

Secondly, asking questions will manifest the blueprint for the designer to begin their research–a
crucial tool that no app can replace. When it comes to asking questions I’m not referring to the trivial bits of the project but more so inquiries the client hasn’t even thought of. Here’s a simple question you can ask your client that will spawn hundreds maybe even thousands of additional questions; who are you?

Whenever I ask myself that question my inner creative shushes because I know what happens next.

Link to 20 Design Greats You Should Know