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Pepe the frog

Over the past decade memes have been growing in popularity, it’s a big part of the Internet and social media. Memes have gotten so big that pop artist like Katie Perry and Nicki Minaj have used them in their music videos. There are kids that aren’t even in middle school who know all about these memes and their inside jokes, so they’ve ended becoming a part of everyday life.

A couple of days ago a certain meme by the name of “PEPE the frog” was declared a symbol of hate by the anti-defamation league. Whenever I have ever seen PEPE it’s always been associated with sad but laughable events, nothing ever too serious. For instance someone thinks that they’re really hitting it off with someone but then their “crush” ends putting them into the “friendzone” or calling them “bro”. The meme has always been playful but unfortunately the wrong group of people took this and wrapped it for their needs. They manipulated the frog giving it a hitler mustache or a Ku Klux Klan hood.

I can see where people are getting offended by this but I don’t thing it should be such a huge problem or deal. I feel like there is so much more out there that the government or media could fixing or telling us about rather than this. There’s way more horrendous or hateful things out there. It’s just sad that this picture of a cartoon frog is getting more attention than real world problems that are affecting the masses.