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Art is Easy

I’m sure at some point you have heard someone say those three terrible words or at least implied it. It’s a common misconception. Too often do people make the assumption that art and even design are easy compared to other major choices. In reality it’s actually pretty difficult.
In other majors, there is a yes or no answer for just about everything. There is always a simple answer. Sure, science majors have tons of equations and experiments and other majors like history have a lot information to remember. None of these majors quite match up to the work load and thinking of an art student. Art students have to use a level of creativity that isn’t normally used in other majors. Art is also very subjective and you can’t always just make whatever you want. As art students, we don’t just sit around all day making whatever comes to mind. In the real word you might have very specific guidelines when working for a business or when working with clients you have to be able to communicate with them and figure out what they want and make it for them which isn’t always easy. It’s not like some majors where you can just plug an equation in a screen and something works.
Our work load is also more intense in a different way. We are often taking multiple studio classes at once. Those projects take time and are very tedious, especially design courses. In Design courses, we have to work in time for printing which isn’t always easy. Sometimes we have to have our project complete two days before its due just to print depending on what our schedule is like. We also go without sleep a lot, pulling all-nighters just to finish an art project. I know many people this semester that are already pulling all-nighters for some of our design projects and we are only our 5th week in.

Those other majors are hard but art is just as difficult, maybe more