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What’s your favorite color?

One night, while working on a particularly time consuming typography project, my boyfriend suddenly asked me, “What is your favorite color?” I stared at him seeming to not understand his question and he proceeded to repeat it. “What is your favorite color?” I took a moment and pondered, what is my favorite color? If you asked my mom, she would probably say pink or purple, and if you looked through my clothes, you might come to the conclusion that it’s black. “Well what is it?” he asked, and I replied, “I don’t have one.”

Being an art student, I’ve been exposed to all kinds of colors and their different meanings and associations. Naturally there would be certain colors that you are drawn to and tend to use more in your work and designs. Using color in ones work is always purposeful and is rarely just there for a whimsical touch. The color theory also plays a key part in making sure that a certain color is used to convey a certain feeling or aesthetic of things.

People may think it’s odd for me to not have a favorite color but I think what’s more odd is the act of choosing from so many different colors and saying, “Ah yes, that’s it, you’re the one.” I may enjoy some colors more than others but I don’t particularly have a favorite color and I think that is completely fine. How about you? What is your favorite color?


Here is a link to find out more about color theory.