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When Color Goes Wrong

This season the NFL is doing something special with Thursday Night Football. Every Thursday two teams are arranged to compete wearing a new style of jersey called Color Rush. These jerseys are mostly a full color and depending on the team it can be really distracting while watching a game.

A great example would be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Los Angles Rams game. These had to be the most obnoxious colors ever seen in a football game. It was almost impossible to watch the game without getting blinded. I know I may be over exaggerating a bit but take a look for yourself.


From what I remember about the Rams when they use to play for St. Louis, use to wear a navy blue color. I didn’t really understand why they chose this neon yellow color because it had no relation to what they usually wear. Same with the Buccaneers. Even though they did wear red in previous games they never had the neon look. I thought and thought, then I realized what they did. I looked at the helmets and realized the color of their logo they always wear was the exact color of their jerseys. Maybe they thought this was clever, but I think this would only work for certain teams. For example: The New England Patriots. The blue they used was the same blue on the logo of their helmet. Which worked because the blue wasn’t intolerable.


 As you can see the NFL’s idea for these color rush jerseys only worked for certain teams. Maybe if they continue to do this for Thursday Night Football next year, they will redesign jerseys for the teams that need it.

After all it’s about watching the game right? We don’t need the jerseys distracting us from what matters most.