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Are You Voting?

My mom and I find ourselves talking about the upcoming presidential election almost every time we see each other. She and I have always had the same view on politics, so you can probably assume there isn’t much argument between the two of us; we tend to feed off of each other’s inputs. About a month ago, we were discussing the election when my little sister Briana, (who just turned 21) walked in and explained to us that she was not going to vote or register to vote, because she doesn’t care about politics.

I believe this poster is a beautiful representation of where I stand on women’s rights and voting. The title of the poster, “Honor Your Foremothers” is a perfect fit for the content displayed. I enjoy the designer’s use of sleeve designs to distinguish which arm represents a woman from the 1800’s passing a voting ballot down to a woman in the modern day. I believe the red against the yellow is a nice combination, however it does make me think of food. Navy outlines were a go

Honor Your Foremothers

Honor Your Foremothers

od choice because black would be too heavy for this piece. The type is a bit too tight, but overall I enjoy this poster and what the designer did with it. This is a successful piece because it made me think about everything our foremothers did to make sure women were given the rights we have today and is quite empowering to the female audience.

If I were to show this poster to my little sister, I don’t believe she would understand it because she wouldn’t want to take the time to understand it. This poster is would be appreciated by anyone who wants to take the time to interpret it, but at the end of the day, if this were posted on a wall in a mall, most people wouldn’t take the time to understand it or discover the meaning behind it because they don’t care to. A lot of people expect persuasive posters to get straight to the point, without forcing the viewer to think too much into it.