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Connecting with Music: LANY

On the 24th of October, I had the pleasure to attend a concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, to see the alternative band, LANY play.

This concert was another magical experience for me. It’s crazy how much one can connect with another through music. Both through words and through sound. Once the band started playing, I fell into the atmosphere almost. The lighting would change colors, depending on which song they were going to play. While singing their hit songs, in the back, there was video art playing, to go along with the theme of each song. With one of their songs, images of static noise was placed in the background, which I found immensely beautiful to look at. It was almost a metaphor for the music, while there is chaos, sound comes through and reaches you. I mean, that’s how I look at it.

Their music to me, is really one of a kind. It is considered to be alternative. I think what really gets me the most, is their lyrics and how relatable each lyric and song is. Whatever situation you are going through, you can listen to  LANY song and relate completely. I think that’s the whole point of music. Is to relate to both the music and the artist themselves.  At one point, he came into the crowd and all the front row were carrying him and taking pictures and it was beautiful to be apart of. It was like a community coming together for music.

While seeing Paul Klein (lead singer), on stage, I could really feel his emotions and it spoke to me. I felt almost the same. Music is a beautiful experience to be apart of. Either listening or watching. He was so free on stage. He did not care. He was dancing to his own music, hugging his band members and reaching out to his audience. He was connecting with his surroundings in such beautiful ways. I was really able to connect with him myself. Mostly, through his aura and his voice. I was also able to meet him after the concert and take a few photographs with him, which was pretty amazing for me to experience.

One of my favorite things to see was their last performance of ILYSB (I LOVE YOU SO BAD). While playing, they had the image of a single rose in the background. It spoke to me in various ways as roses have become very symbolic to me this year in 2o16. It was a special moment for me.

I got lost in the sound. To me, it was a truly beautiful experience. With music, I tend to just fall into it. In a way, I become apart of it and it becomes apart of me. I am able to sync myself with the sound and lyrics and it takes me to a different place. I really hope I get to see them live again someday, because they were absolutely amazing live. I definitely  recommend this band to anyone. For sure.


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