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Wait! Maybe This IS What I Wanted!

This is exactly how I felt when I realized that Graphic Design was something I wanted to major in, but yet, for most of my life I hated art.

So when I was younger, I absolutely despised art class. It was a complete nuisance to go to and torture to sit through. The only good days were when we got to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy or Veggie Tales instead of drawing pictures or listening to our teacher talk about famous artists. Even throughout most of high-school I hated it, though luckily at the time I didn’t have to take many classes that had to do with art.

Then I took a graphic design and photography class. This was when I realized that it wasn’t so bad! I actually enjoyed photography and graphic design so much that I was looking forward to taking more of those classes when I went to college! Once I got to college was when I realized that my interests had taken a complete 180 degree turnaround and was now majoring in the very thing I detested when I was younger.

Have any of you made this turnaround in your lives as well?