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The Stress Reliever

Have you ever had a design professor that assumed you knew everything in order to do a project? Not all teachers can go one on one with all their students and I can’t blame them. Or have you ever forgot to use something in InDesign, Illustrator, or photoshop? You may be in a situation where it’s the last minute and you think it’s the end of the world. What if I said there was a way to teach yourself online for free with a simple website? The website is called and it will save you time whenever you are in a struggle.

Usually you have to pay to use this website, but luckily it’s free to all Mason students, SO TAKE ADVANTAGE. It’s extremely convenient because you can learn on anything that can connect to the internet such as your computer, mobile device, and TV. This website has design tutorials that will help you understand your design needs to the fullest. Thanks to, no matter how far you are behind, you still have a chance to learn and catch up.

You may think YouTube is just as good and there’s no point in looking into a new website. I can tell you I used both and YouTube isn’t even half as helpful. Unlike YouTube, always keeps their videos updated whenever new software comes out. You don’t have to struggle anymore when the time comes to update and your confused where all your tools went.

Vitale Digital Media Lab in the Weigle Information Commons, Van Pelt Library.

If you’d like to save some stress in the future heres the link that will solve your problems: