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Really Apple?


Yesterday, Apple announced their new MacBook Pro, and I’m honestly disappointed on what they announced. Just like the new iPhone 7, it’s just an overpriced product that barely changed from the previous year. Though their new laptops have a new feature called the touch bar, however, it’s not enough for me to justify a purchase. My first post I made for this blog, I raved over Apple’s branding and product design, and I still have the same opinion on them. But the technology that goes into these laptops is disappointing. If I wanted a Macbook Pro with an i7 Processor and a dedicated graphics processor, I would have to shell out $2,399! Who the f*ck has that kind of money! The current laptop that I carry every day to school has an i7 proccessor and three times better graphics processor in it. It cost me $1,299. Granted, it’s not prettiest laptop to look at, but why would I pay for something that only looks good.

Really Apple? I think you just take advantage of us designers. Graphic designers are willing to pay a ton of money for a laptop that underperforms most current ultrabook available on the market. And we do buy them like a zombie. I raved about how they looked, but I don’t think it’s healthy for designers to themselves on just Apple products. If you are willing to argue that OS X is better than Windows 10, then I understand your stance. But what if I told you that you could put OS X onto any Windows laptop? All it takes is a bit of research and one OS X device.

Article on how to do it: